Chainguardians Trailer

Still Frame

Character Design


ChainGuardians team came to us and asked for an animation that introduces their game's world and wanted to tell a short story about their main character "Bitsee". This animation had to be ready until their game Pre-sale and we had a really short time, so we decided to create a short teaser animation for them. ChainGuardians is an online web based NFT game, from lots of point of views this kind of games are the the future of gaming. Hope you enjoy!
ChainGuardians Teaser


Direction | MohamadAli Asgari

Script | Robbie Cochrane
Storyboard | Saeed Ebrahimi
Illustration | Farbod B0. & Saeed Ebrahimi
Animation | MohamadAli Asgari & Mostafa Kazemkhani
Character Design | Noi Sackda
Composit | Mostafa Kazemkhani
Voice Over | Mei Konishi
Sound Design | Mostafa Kazemkhani

Client |